It’s like a never ending adventure: discovering new species and varieties and finding new ways to weave them together to create a living and ever-changing sculpture, painting or tapestry. I like to experiment with plants and I like pushing their limits. Plants are such an amazing medium to work with, as they are very flexible, so adaptable and responsive, and most importantly so unbelievably beautiful. I create my gardens by combining plants from various parts of the world different from climates and growing environments into lush and dramatic arrangements. I hope that what I can do is a bit different. I am very happy when people respond to it. It definitely fulfills me…

About Piotr Mazurek

I have developed a strong acumen in using space by making it imaginatively enjoyable and comfortably peaceful. I specialize in container gardens, garden renovations, garden care, creative garden development, plant selection, plant placement, garden editing, garden lights, garden furniture and garden accessories. I also specialize in customized drip irrigation for my specialized garden projects.

* Master’s degree in Horticulture

* 18 years of experience in California

* Founder and Owner of Garden Fantasia Since 2001